Tips for Safely Adding New Fish to a Tank

  • Test the pH, and chlorine levels before adding fish to another tank. Chlorine must be zero, and pH near that of the pet shop. Check that the water temperature is at the best possible level.
  • Kill the light in the aquarium to lessen pressure.
  • Lift the top and place the fixed sack containing the fish in the water so it skims.
  • Give the sack a chance to drift for ten minutes, at that point open the highest point of the pack.
  • Utilizing the estimating glass, put some tank water into the pack.
  • Close the pack and enable it to skim for an additional five minutes.
  • Rehash stages five and six once. For touchy fish, for example, neon tetras rehash a few times.
  • Place the little net into the sack, lift the fish out, and rapidly exchange it to the aquarium.
  • Dispose of the sack of water in the sink (never in the aquarium).
  • Leave the light off for a few hours to enable the fish to change in accordance with the new setting.

Other useful ideas:

  • In the event that you just have a vast net, hold the net over a can and tenderly pour the substance of the sack into it. At that point rapidly exchange the fish from the net to the tank.
  • In the event that there are now other fish in your aquarium put the new fish in a different aquarium for a few days and watch for infection.
  • Salt water shrimp nets are an astounding decision to exchange angle with.